Our Ethos

Elysia Home's design philosophy is centered around the many nuanced facets of womanhood.

We are inspired by women of all ages, who allow every beautiful part of themselves to shine - from their sophistication, joy, and nurturing love, to their humor, liveliness, and grounding nature - and believe that their spaces should reflect all aspects of their personalities.

From our silhouettes and color stories to our art, we are curating all of the finishing touches you and your favorite people may need to make a space yours and a house an Elysia Home. We want your home to make a statement, start a conversation, and most importantly, to encourage you to be you.

The Elysia Vision

Elysia Home is a home and lifestyle brand for creative-minded women of all ages.

We know that home (just like all of us) is always a work in progress, ever-evolving to reflect who you are and what you love most. We are here to bring you those extra special pieces and make your space as unique as you. We know how hard shopping online for the perfect home décor pieces can be, so we've curated a collection of products that will make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

Through our virtual atelier, we want to encourage the adventurous and creative spirit present in all women. Our vision is simple - to bring you stunning home décor pieces that will make your essence and personal style come to life.